Do you really want to Pass it on?    Part I

Part of good counseling is surrounding an individual with truthful reinforcement. Often times I become concerned for individuals as they leave the counseling office. I sense they have just received enlightenment of information from the Holy Spirit only to step through the door back into a life that is out to remove everything that has just been accomplished. It is similar to your leaving your church service and later that day someone ask you what the sermon was about.

Here is a statement that you would hear several times if you and I were meeting together.

Information is not knowledge
until it is received, accepted, applied, and experienced.

So, allow me to start you early even before you get to AGI where this is required reading.

 “We feel unloved and unaccepted by others, so we deliberately or unwittingly pass rejection on to others.  The purpose is called the rejection syndrome, one of the most destructive forces on the earth today.  We are all on the quest for meaning in life, which we seek in the acceptance and identity to be found in other people and other things.  When circumstances take away our “things” and when people withhold their acceptance, life loses its meeting and destructive processes begin – unless something or someone can help us break the pattern.

Dr. Charles R.  Solomon, founder and president of Grace Fellowship International draws on many years of psychological counseling to show the cause of rejection, its destructive patterns, and most important, how the process is halted.  He shows from the Scriptures how we can find acceptance and identity based on unconditional, immutable foundations.  Dr. Solomon is also the author of Handbook to Happiness, The Ins and Outs of Rejection, and Counseling with the Mind of Christ, and many others.”

(Taken from the cover of The Rejection Syndrome by Dr. Charles Solomon.)

Why don’t you pass this note on to someone else, a young parent or a friend? And better yet after you read it, receive it, accept, apply it, experience it in your daily walk with Jesus. Someone else will be glad you did.

John A. Graham
Executive Director Abundant Grace International
Marriage and Family Counseling, Discipleship, Teaching, Training,  Life Coaching, and Debriefing
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