Sinner Saved by Grace

What a wonderful statement, "Sinner saved by grace." As I gave my testimony or witnessed, it was one of my favorite statements to make. To me it demonstrated God's grace in my messed up life. While the voicing of that statement humbled me, it also made me feel...

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Choose Jesus in the suffering.

Choose Jesus in the suffering. We don't understand the why of difficulties but we can always be certain of the Presence and love of God to walk through them with us. Jesus, catch my heart! ~ Pat Graham ~ Read: Catch My Heart | Ransomed Heart

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Commitment to Counseling

Have you ever wondered what a commitment to counseling looks like? When you think about it, there are actually two parts to the counseling commitment. There is that of the person seeking counseling. This is an absolute necessity to healing. Yet there is much more. ...

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Paradigm Shift

We all have our own brand of filters we see through. What is yours? I have in my office a very, very large pair of sunglasses. They are used to illustrate the filter we all look through. As I teach Paul’s first prayer Eph 1:16-20, I use them to make a point. “It is...

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