Addressing the nutritional needs of the brain

Assessment and utilization of nutritional sources to address brain and body deficiencies

Abundant Grace International Wellness/Neuro-Nutrient Counseling

A Holistic Approach

Abundant Grace International offers a holistic approach to our client’s counseling journey as part of the client’s wellness goals. As part of the counseling process, the counselors are asking God to remove any hinderances that would keep you from moving toward intimacy with God and receiving God’s truth by walking in freedom and health.

Body Hindrances

As many of us realize, we are limited at times by issues that are related to our body function.  What many may not realize however, is that there are proven ways to improve our brain and body function, in particular, that can give us more energy, improved sleep and overall improved moods. We have found that having a healthy brain allows people to think more clearly, and to more fully receive truth and experience intimacy with God.


The first step in understanding possible deficiencies is to take the step of assessing general health and mood.  As a counseling ministry, our focus is on utilizing nutrition, both as food and as supplements, to improve mood, sleep, and energy.

Food and Nutritional Improvements

In order to be successful in the treatment of brain and body issues, the client will be asked to provide food logs and be prepared to make some nutritional adjustments.  The clients will be provided with education and recommendations based on their unique deficiency symptoms.  The goal is to provide the body with proper nutrition to support and build brain health. One of the first benefits our clients report is that unhealthy foods become easy for them to resist.


Beth A. Oswald


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What is Neuro-Nutrition?

Neuro-Nutrition is a term used to describe the nutritional needs of the brain.  In order for the brain to operate from a place of sufficiency, Neuro-Nutrient Counseling will specifically address the four key neurotransmitters that the brain needs to operate efficiently for better moods.  They are: Serotonin, Gaba, Catecholamines and Endorphins.  If any of these areas are deficient, the client often experiences negative mood symptoms.  Supplemental amino acids are needed to build up the body’s levels of each neurotransmitter and therefore, allow the body to operate from a place of sufficiency.

How do I start?

The first step is to contact Beth Oswald, MA, LPC, NNTS, to set up an initial appointment. You are welcome to contact her by email at [email protected] or by phone at 864-553-3866.
Secondly, Beth Oswald would meet with you for 90 minutes to provide you with the assessment information and offer nutrition/supplementation recommendations. Beth would then follow-up with you for twelve 60 minute sessions to track progress and make adjustment recommendations. 

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 90 minute assessment is $125 and each additional 60 minute follow-up session is $125.

How can I find out more?

Beth Oswald has received her training and certification for Neuro-Nutrient Therapy under Julia Ross. Julia has written three books including; The Mood Cure, The Diet Cure and The Craving Cure. If you google her name you can find information related to her vast experience in working successfully to improve mood as well as eliminate cravings for unhealthy food and other addictive substances using nutritional therapies. 


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