Christian Life Coaching

Get life coaching today and live in the joy of God’s purpose for your life now!

Christian Life Coaching

At Abundant Grace International, we believe God wants to remove any roadblocks to moving forward in your life goals and personal mission. He wants you to experience the Abundant Life in all that He created you to be!

Envision the following:

  • Discovering, with help, the daily ins and outs of living the Christian life
  • Discovering what God created you for with your unique personality and spiritual gifting
  • Discovering how to live out your purpose and passion with fulfillment

Because each of us has a very specific and unique design, God has placed within us desires and passion to live out our uniqueness. Have you defined those desires and passions? Do you experience fulfillment by experiences in certain relationships or activities? Perhaps that is vague to you and you desire a vision for your future. Have you written your vision and life-mission statement?

If you believe you need answers to any of these questions, we can help you find what God has in mind for you in all of these areas through life-coaching.

Abundant Grace International uses specific Biblical assessments in helping you to live in the good works that were created for you in Christ Jesus.

Life coaching from a New Covenant foundation can assist you in living out God’s purpose for you for the rest of your life through powerful transformation.

Areas of life coaching include: Relationship with God, Career/Purpose, Leadership, Marriage, Relationships, Ministry, Parenting, Singleness, Pre-marital, Empty Nest, as well as Retirement Living.

We believe in God’s plan for your life. We also believe it is filled with hope and a future. He wants to show it to you so that you can live that future now!

Christian Life Coaching FAQ

What is the difference in life coaching and counseling?

Counseling is focused on a person’s past in order to help them solve problems in their present life. Life coaching is focused on a person’s future to help them get from where they are today to God’s purpose for them in the future.

How do I start life coaching?

To begin life coaching, contact us.

How long is a life coaching session?

Regular life coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise agreed upon by your coach.

How much does life coaching cost?

We highly recommend 10 one-hour life coaching sessions. Each session is $80. However, instead of paying $800, if you sign up for our “10 Session Package”, you will receive a 15% discount and pay only $680. Half of the payment ($340) must be paid up front, and the other half one month later in order to receive the discount. You will be able to extend your life coaching beyond 10 sessions as needed.

What if I don't live near Greenville, SC?

We can help no matter where you live! Abundant Grace International offers confidential, online Christian life coaching (by phone, Skype, Zoom, etc.) for out-of-area clients who wish to engage with one of our life coaches on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. (Bi-monthly session are usually two sessions at one time. Monthly session are three sessions at one time.) Our gifted staff can remotely provide life coaching to people across America and around the world!

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