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Jim DiGeronimo


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When the Law met Grace things changed, but I didn’t realize it immediately. It took approximately 20 years of Christianity before being exposed and counseled in the truths of the New Covenant. For many years, I understood my relationship with Christ was largely dependent on adherence to The Law. In other words, acceptance was a direct result of my ability to perform well. Self-worth was also tied into performing well but what I failed to realize was that Christ took care of these at the Cross. He gave me worth and he performed the Law perfectly on my behalf. I was saved by Grace and now I could live by Grace too.

What is the change that took place? The lie about my self-worth was replaced with the truth regarding my new identity as Paul shared in 2 Cor 5:17. The lie about the Law (Performance Based Acceptance) was replaced with the truth about Grace based, Spirit led living. Gal 3: 23-25.

As a result of my journey with Christ, I have a heart to minister to men who have and continue to struggle with “Living” the Christian Life. In addition, I have a special place for our public servants. As a former, now retired, law enforcement officer I know the challenges of this career path and therefore, have a special heart for my brothers in blue who are also my brothers in Christ.

When the Law met Grace, things were exchanged. All for His Glory and His alone.

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