Beth Oswald

Beth Oswald


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“Since Christ revealed Himself in salvation, God has given me a burden to reach women and teens with the hope of Christ. Helping individuals and families see their freedom in Christ through grace and His absolute love for His creation has become my passion.”

Beth received her ministry counseling training from Grace Life International in 2011. Since then, she has received her MA from Liberty University in Professional Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern in the State of South Carolina. Beth has experience in working with women and teens on a variety of issues related to anxiety, depression, relationship stress, life adjustments and trauma. Beth is a breast cancer survivor and believes God used that time in her life to bring a greater revelation of His kindness, mercy and love toward her in a time of suffering. She does desire to help other women navigating these difficult circumstances to find the mercy of God intersecting their suffering.

Beth has also completed a food fundamentals class under the guidance of Julia Ross and the Neuro-Nutrient training Institute. Beth is currently working on her certification in Neuro-Nutrient Therapy which includes the assessment and utilization of nutrition to repair the brain and improve mood, sleep and craving issues. Beth is working under the guidance of a Nutritionist and Neuro-Nutrient Therapist to receive her certification. See the Wellness page for more information.

“Understanding my secure identity in Christ has changed my life! The realization that I have a God that loves me and desires to have an intimate relationship with me has released me from the pressure to perform for His acceptance. As I have surrendered myself and my life into God’s hands, He continues to work through me to accomplish more than I could ever imagine.”

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