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Pat Graham

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For many years after I became a Christian I believed living the Christian life was something I had “to do” out of obligation. I had received the gift of eternal life and was secure in my eternal destiny but uncertain about this present life. How do I obey and live for such a perfect God? Can I ever do enough, be enough? In my church if there was a job to do I felt I should do it. God would be pleased and others would think highly of me. I would be spiritual. This was the Christian life by my perspective.

But it was a struggle – up and down feelings between success and failure. Good enough is never good enough. It was a classic example of Galatians 3:3:

“Are you so foolish and so senseless and silly? Having begun (your new life spiritually) with the Holy Spirit, are you now reaching perfection by dependence on the flesh (self effort)?” AMP

This frustration led me down a path of pursuing the “Victorious Christian Life” which I had heard preached about. Surely, if I tried harder I could become victorious. This led to conflict and frustration. I wanted to be victorious, living the abundant life, exemplifying the fruit of the Spirit. I concluded it to be impossible, at least in this lifetime. But I would keep trying – look the look, talk the talk, walk the walk.

Through a series of circumstances and coming to the end of myself, God brought good gospel news to me.

Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”

I began asking God to reveal Himself and His love to me and to give me understanding of this crucified life. As I began pursuing this intimate relationship with God, He began revealing Himself to me in amazing ways leading me down a journey of understanding Galatians 2:20 and the Victorious Christian Life. I had known Christ as Savior for years, now I was knowing Him as LIFE. The head knowledge of the Cross became experiential as I understood these truths. This changed my life and the peace, joy, comfort, VICTORY was realized.

It is my ultimate joy to now share the Victorious Life of Christ with others.

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