~ by John Graham

What is it like to be tempted?

All of us have been there at one time or another. You would think we would get it by now. Getting God’s wisdom and understanding is a whole different message to some believers.

Join me and listen to a message by Andrew Farley.

Learn God’s message of the Exchanged life in these areas:

  • The real understanding to questions you have had for a long time
  • If I have been tempted, have I sinned?
  • Is there a way out?
  • How being a new creation helps us in the midst of temptation?
  • The temptation of lust – Is there victory?
  • The temptation not to forgive – Resist or release?
  • The temptation of revenge – Learn to release – Romans 12: Let go; Let God; Leave room.
  • The temptation of Pride – Arrogance of self or confidence in God?
  • The temptation of Love of money – What is your security?
  • The temptation of Past abuse – Are you the sum total of your past?

Andrew Farley addresses these questions from the Exchanged life perspective.

Dr. Andrew Farley is a bestselling author of nine books including The Naked Gospel and Twisted Scripture. He serves as president of The Grace Message – a nonprofit Christian media ministry dedicated to proclaiming the love and grace of God with boldness and clarity. Andrew hosts The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley– a live, call-in radio program.

His mottto is:

Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives.

At AGI we lead individuals in making an appointment with God to receiving victory in the midst of temptation. Make an appointment with God and receive what has already been settled.

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