“Dear Ms. Pat,

“I’ve been learning how God will always loves me, accepts me, and never abandons me. Here are some things I learned from  therapy sessions the last couple of months.

“The first thing I learned in that session was the fresh diagram. This diagram I wrote about different people in my life about messages I received when I was growing up. I ended up believing these lies for an example; unloved, unwanted, and abandoned. So I had these protective layers such as anxiety, withdrawal, perfectionist, and pessimistic. The truth is God is caring, I’m loved by God, and he will always want me. It makes me feel more comfortable around him when I know these truths.

“Another thing I learned from therapy is that my actions are based on feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences. I learned that it’s important to know the truth God says and pray to him about anything. I know He is there for me no matter what I’m feeling 24/7.

“I did a filer about people in my past life and how I used to know who God was. He showed me how amazing and awesome He is and I’m feeling so loved by him. He is loving, accepting, always there, forgiving, kind, and good.

“I learned in an another session is that I’m the Diamond that was paid by Jesus my savior. I’m worthy by God that He is willing to pay for me.

“The next thing I learned at therapy I was the daughter of Adam before I became saved, a freshly body that has sins. When I became saved, I’m now a daughter of God! His Princess! I was so excited to know that He is inside me, his Holy Spirit!

“It makes me realize how much I’m loved by God.

“Other thing I learned from the rest of the sections is I did the forgiveness sheet and I forgave all people that had done to hurt me. Will continue to forgive people that may hurt me again. Jesus forgave us so I forgive others. Then what’s really important is that God should be first of all things. It’s okay to have desire to marry, continue to be successful at your job, want to have kids, etc. I should let God be in control my life in every situation and every moment.

“God is so good, amazing, strong, and He is my everything! I will go to God about everything. I’m now walking in life in freedom in Christ. I have a loving, accepting, kind, and compassionate God that will never leave my side!! I’m still struggling with anxiety on some days, but I will go pray to God because He is my bear proofed cabin! I’m also will make sure I make time for Him too.

“Thank you so much for your time to help me with some issues I been having. God bless you and I hope your week is great!!


I invite you to come in and talk to one of our counselors at Abundant Grace. We can help you identify your false beliefs and turn to living out of God’s truth. It most definitely changes your life. Call us at (864) 270-5531 or contact us online if you need us.

Pat Graham

Pat Graham

President, Abundant Grace International

Family, Marriage and Premarital Counseling, Teaching Training, and Life Coaching

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