Individual Counseling

Abundant Grace International offers Individual Counseling

We believe that God desires to have an intimate relationship with you that can change your life! Our heart at AGI is to help individuals experience God in a way that impacts every area of their lives.

Are you frustrated?


  • I feel so sad, anxious, guilty, ashamed, angry, stressed, worthless, etc.
  • Prayer, going to church, and reading my Bible seems empty
  • No matter what I try, I struggle with pornography, drinking, drugs, hurting myself, etc.
  • If God is loving, why does He let bad things happen to me?
  • I thought being a Christian would have made my life better by now

If you struggle with any of these thoughts or feelings, you are not alone. Our Christian counseling staff has faced the same challenges and experienced God’s answers in their own lives.

God wants to meet you in your struggle:


  • Feel complete peace and acceptance with God
  • Heal from emotional pain
  • Live each day with a pleasant sense of calm
  • Walk free from guilt, shame, or destructive habits
  • Reconcile relationships, including marriages, friendships and families
  • Spiritual growth that occurs naturally without a sense of exhausting effort

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your New Path Today!

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