This time for me has been so valuable. I’ve had my ups and downs through life. And in those times the only person that has been there for me is me. However as a result of a great struggle and a very low time in my life, I turned to someone outside of myself for help. First it was my sister and soon after a counselor.

I’ve been to church, Christian school, and grown up in a Christian home. However, my time in counseling has undoubtedly been one of the most valuable times of learning for me. Why? Perspective. I love perspective. Stepping back and seeing the big picture is key to understanding.

In counseling I was challenged to move backwards in time and identify why I believe what I believe. I learned that most of what we believe is based on things that have happened in the past and that those things shape how we see life.

Sometimes those events have been negative and lead us to create lies in our minds. Learning how to recognize the lies that I believe was a valuable lesson. Now when I am feeling bad or depressed, I know to go back and find the reason why. Often it is the result of a lie and as I start to face the truth (that I’m believing a lie), I can move on and find joy, light, and reassurance in the situation. I replace the lies with truth and go back to living in the light God wants me to live in.

Among the many things I learned my favorite part was learning to always go back to the truths about how God is all I need. I love how He loves me and fulfills all my needs. I love how He sees me as perfect and I can always run to Him even when I don’t feel that I’m worthy to. It was also valuable to realize that the Holy Spirit is part of us and not just something we reach out to when we need it or that is standing beside us. He is inside us and just as much a part of us as we are of ourselves.

Probably the thing that has impacted me the most has been starting to live in the truth that I am not perfect but that God loves me anyway. It has impacted how I see myself and also how I see others. By knowing the truth about myself I am able to see and treat others in a more loving manner. I am also able to forgive people more as well since I see how much that I am forgiven and that I am worthy to be called a child of God!

So it turns out that I wasn’t the only person there for myself the whole time. God was there too! I’m so grateful to Him for leading me to something I needed. It was hard getting there, but ultimately God wanted to bring me closer to Him!

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