or is there more to it than that?

Chew the Cud

For many years in the south, we have used the term, “Let’s chew the cud.” To us it means to take time to seriously think about what is being heard. Chew the cud is also mentioned in the Bible.

“Whatsoever parted the hoof, and is cloven-footed, and chewed the cud… that shall ye eat”
~ Lev.11:3

Camels, hares, conies, deer, and cattle all chew the cud. A little embellishment goes like this. The cow chews grass and swallows it into a portion of the stomach. The grass becomes a cud or a ball-like glob. Later the cow regurgitates or belches up the cud to chew it a second time (Terrible picture but great illustration). It is then re-swallowed to another part of the stomach (a cow has one stomach with four sections) which will process and digest it to give nourishment into the body. Chew the cud can be compared to Bible studying. Some read the Bible and chew on it for a while but never get nourishment. Why is that?

Here is the secret

Illustrations are a wonderful tool in teaching. The parables of Jesus are our best examples. However sometimes illustrations can be misleading or incomplete. They stop short of teaching the entire message. So, it is with our cud illustration. I have used it many times only coming to realize I stopped short. Some read the Bible but are never nourished. Some chew the cud over and over but never get the full energy from it. There is more to it than chewing. It must be Metabolized.

What does it mean to metabolize something?

The definition of metabolize is the process of an organism undergoing an organic or chemical absorption that is necessary for life. An example of metabolize is for the body to use up the calories in foods, not just eat, digest, and pass.

Chewing the cud does little until a chemical process converts it to energy. This is where our good illustration has stopped short. Metabolizing certainly develops and fulfills the intent of the illustration.

So, what does that mean to a counselor?

I tell our clients repeatedly that Information is not knowledge until it is received, accepted, applied, and experienced. Let me emphasize applied and experienced. Spirit-led counselling surrenders the work to the Holy Spirit, and we actually see transformation and renewal. Allow us to help you metabolize the truth of God’s word in your life. He is waiting on you.

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