~ by John Graham

Most of the time those that come to us struggle with hearing God. They often say, God seems to be distant, aloof, unconcerned with me and my situation. Does He really care? Why can’t I hear Him? He doesn’t talk to me, much less answer my prayers.

Hopefully, this is not you. If it were, wouldn’t you want to change it? Your heavenly Father, unlike any father you have ever known, is always there to talk to you. You see, you are the most important person to Him in all the universe. Did you ever think about the fact that if you were the only person on the face of the earth, He still would have sent His son to provide a way to have a personal relationship with Him?

You may say, well then why do I sometimes feel this way? Answer, we get a little hard of hearing, busy about doing our own thing and well, think back with me for a moment, to your children. Did you ever have to repeat yourself to them? OK, I won’t go there. But, you get the idea.

Maybe a little practice or exercise would help. Try doing the following exercise.

1. Consider your life and develop a time line- its ups and downs; the good times and the tough times. Record the events and the feelings that came with them at each point. Start where you are and go backwards. It will look like a roller coaster ride. It may take several pieces of paper taped together end to end.

2. Look for a pattern in events and associated feelings. Be sure to include times when you came to the realization that God was at work around you. He did something, you thought something, there was a nuance, a trace, or touch of awareness (record even the slightest thought).

3. Take a step back. Ask Father to give you light in understanding His walk with you.

4. Now go to some place quiet and ask Him this question. “Father, what do you think of me?” listen for his voice.

Be still now and listen for a still small voice. What did He say?

Print out this article and read through the material.

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