Years ago, I was deeply involved in studying the methodology of Jesus’ teaching, not the message but the methodology.  In my desire to minister I sought to learn from the Master. I wanted to be one of those disciples that followed Him around. His counsel was captivating and convicting.  His presentation of truth was so powerful, it held all those listening in suspense. Father make me like Jesus was my prayer. A voice in my head said, Oh, really? Who can be like Jesus? You don’t have what it takes. Who do you think you are? That was what I heard. Then God sent me a story teller. An individual that made me realize the gift of exhortation was every believer’s go to. It became clear to me that Jesus manifested all the gifts of the Spirit through the gift of exhortation?

Allow me to give you the biblical definition of the word exhortation. DEF:  To come alongside and convey truth through stories, parables, and illustrations. WOW! This was a new thought. I am a picture person. I love books with diagrams and word pictures. I often wondered how Jesus and Paul got by without a photo copier? Counseling with Jesus was like being the character in “character” in a story, and hearing truth that touched your heart. The truth formed pictures in your mind that stired your emotions. If I was going to counsel like Jesus did, I would need to come alongside (Exhort) as He did. I found out a while back that most people are not like light switches, being in the off position suddenly to be switched on, going from not understanding to understanding in one click. No, most of us are dimmer switches (no pun intended). That is, we hear and process a little at a time and then somewhere down the road clarity and enlightenment takes place. There is usually some understanding before the light bulb moment. That’s what good counseling (Jesus counseling) does.

Our counselors are Jesus counselors. As they come alongside, they bring truth, and make application using illustrations and diagrams that deal with deep seated root issues, prayerfully waiting and watching as the Holy Spirit brings light. Would you like to hear an amazing story? Let a story teller draw a picture in your mind that could change your understanding of intimacy with God?

Visit our website and listen. Be exhorted and watch the Room of Grace (two-roads). You will be glad you did.

Two Roads

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John A. Graham
Executive Director Abundant Grace International
Marriage and Family Counseling, Discipleship, Teaching, Training,  Life Coaching, and Debriefing
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