God has been teaching me many things on my journey over the past 6 months. I came into counseling believing/thinking that God did not really want what’s best for me, and that life seemed to continually keep throwing trial after trial my way. I was battling bitterness and anger inwardly that was being taken out on my family, and wife, and seeking personal achievement and strength much of the time to get me through these difficult times. I was struggling to forgive and forget the past, primarily dealing with my dad’s actions that caused much hurt and turmoil within our family. I felt helpless and desperate to seek help from somebody that would direct my wife and me to God, and hopefully back to God’s path and direction for our families lives.

God has taken me along a road that has shown me my Heavenly Father’s love for me again, and shown me that He does truly want what’s best for me. Through study, prayer, and counsel God is teaching me to be a father and husband.

~ Stephen ~

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