Over the last year I have had the privilege of being counseled by a member of Abundant Grace who took me through the Biblical path of understanding the fallen nature of man and the healing hand of God in my life.  This was during a particularly challenging period in my life where emotional pain and fear had its death grip on me.  What I learned was that indeed while the spirit may be willing the flesh is debilitatingly weak.

Through counseling I was able to learn how to recognize the failings of the flesh and cling to the miraculous indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the beautiful path to freedom from fear, uncertainty, and a multitude of past mistakes that kept me in bondage.  I am learning how to break the bonds of sin and shame and overcome the relentless attacks from Satan that often left me feeling defeated.

It would take me an entire book to reveal all the truths I learned and how I have applied them to my healthy new life today and how they will carry me through until the day I see Christ fact-to-face and hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”  What I will say succinctly and emphatically is that if you are struggling with any issue that is hindering your walk with and growth in Christ, and preventing you from glorifying Him in any situation or relationship, or if you have a sincere desire to take your spiritual life to a deeper level, I would highly recommend Abundant Grace for you.  The investment you make in taking this step will enrich the rest of your life a hundred-fold.

~ Pastor MP ~

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