August 7, 8 in Pigeon Forge, TN 

Grace Fellowship’s Exchanged Life Conference provides an overview of the Christ-centered counseling message. Since 1970, many have experienced God’s deliverance from chronic problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and relational conflicts. The topics covered will be:

  • Components of a Meaningful Life / The Rejection Syndrome
  • Exchanging the Self Life for the Christ-Life
  • Appropriating Your Identification with Christ / Paths to the Cross
  • Summary Steps in Sanctification / The Daily Cross
  • Recovering Your Victory, Healing Damaged Emotions
  • Egypt to Canaan: Four Phases of Discipleship

This represents the teaching aspect of eight or more pastoral counseling sessions! Over 100 ministries use this counseling approach that has been pioneered by Grace Fellowship. (See Network 220). To get the most from this event, Handbook to Happiness and The Ins and Out of Rejection, books by Dr. Charles Solomon, should be read as well.

See the introductory video and information page here.!event/2020/8/7/exchanged-life-conference  

Schedule: Friday 7:00-9:15pm | Saturday 9:00-am-5:00pm

3914 Nellie St., Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 USA Phone: 1-865-429-0450 

John A. Graham
Executive Director Abundant Grace International
Marriage and Family Counseling, Discipleship, Teaching, Training,  Life Coaching, and Debriefing
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