College Student

My time with you was so valuable and just exactly what I needed. I will still never forget the dramatic difference from the first time I was in your office and crying to the last time when I was filled with so much truth and hope instead! Thank you again so much for...

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God is teaching me to be a Father and a Husband

God has been teaching me many things on my journey over the past 6 months. I came into counseling believing/thinking that God did not really want what’s best for me, and that life seemed to continually keep throwing trial after trial my way. I was battling bitterness...

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My Counseling Experience

This time for me has been so valuable. I’ve had my ups and downs through life. And in those times the only person that has been there for me is me. However as a result of a great struggle and a very low time in my life, I turned to someone outside of myself for help....

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What is God doing in my life?

I am 51 years old and at the beginning of this year I came to a point where I was totally broken.  I didn’t know God personally, only recently started reading the bible, and generally lived my life the way I wanted to and out of my own resources.  My worth was based...

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